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4-25-13  Make a short list of words for texture:

Nubbly, hard and flat, striated, silky, gooey, crunchy, abrasive

Start with relationship between people having these textures.


Peter slid into the room, his movements compact and fluid.  You would swear from looking at him that he was on roller skates as he headed for the bar.  His eyes were focused on the neck of the woman in front of him.  He shifted into full stealth mode and stopped an inch from her back.  She sat, unknowing, her own eyes gazing into the martini sitting before her.  His arm curved forward around her, pulling her body back against his.

“Shit!”, she shrieked, as the glass shattered and her salvation flowed across the bar.  Her flying elbow caught him on the temple as he was bending to kiss her behind the ear.  “What the fuck are you trying to do, you prick!?”

Peter picked himself up off the floor and braced himself unsteadily between two stools.  “I just wanted to show you how much I care, sweetie.  Geez, that was some hook.”

“Well, listen,” said his fiancé Bethany, “if you want to sneak up on me, next time give me some warning.  You could have been anyone!  Think next time!”

Peter waved for the bartender and turned back to his love.   “I’m sorry.  You’re right.  I wasn’t thinking.  Maybe we can get a table and I’ll make it up to you.”  He turned back to the waiting bartender and said “One dry martini and a strawberry daiquiri, please.  I’ll be back in a sec.”

The couple moved over to a corner table and Peter pulled out a chair for Bethany.  She accepted the gesture grudgingly.  “Must have been a bad day for her to be so abrasive”, Peter thought to himself.  These words would never pass his lips, especially in front of his love.  She would skin him alive if she heard them.

He turned and slid back over to the bar for their drinks.  “I wish I knew how he did that,” thought Bethany.  It was one of his endearing qualities a year ago.  Now it just creeped her out.  If he was sneaking up on her like that, who else was he sneaking up on?  Had he wrapped those snake arms around another woman?  If he did and she found out, he would wake up dead the next morning.  Should she warn him?  No, just let him find out.  Now, what’s expensive on the menu?

Peter navigated his way back to the table with a little less smooth in his step and a splitting headache.  Maybe he’d feel better with some food in his stomach.  Maybe she’d be a little less grumpy if she had some food in her, too.  He set the martini down in front of her, after letting her see him from ten feet away so his approach wouldn’t startle her again.  Sheesh.

Bethany raised her glass and smiled broadly.  “To us!”  Maybe that would soften his reaction.

“To us,” said Peter.  Why were there two drinks in front of his eyes?  Was that Bethany’s sister sitting next to her?  He drew his drink up to his lips and hit his cheek.  He set the glass down in front of him, stared for a second, and his head fell forward, impaling itself on the stem of his daiquiri glass.  There was no blood, just a stiff shudder, and sudden relaxation of every muscle in his body.  The strawberry slush spread out across the table from under his face.

“Shit!”, thought Bethany for the second time that night.  “Who’s gonna pay for these drinks?  You son of a bitch!”

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